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You are or have been an expatriate, or you simply own a property abroad? Selling or acquiring a real estate property is not always easy in this context. Our Swiss customers often invest abroad in "love at first sight" properties to spend their holidays, or simply for the purpose of diversification of financial assets.
Thereby, we are able, through our customer portfolio looking for a corresponding type of property than the one you may have, create the connection in order to bring satisfaction to both sides.
Your property, your building may indeed be quite visible on local real estate portals. Nevertheless, every day, a large number of people get in touch with us, through our multilingual website, or our active agents meeting on a daily basis, potential customers. By contacting us and entrusting us the sale of your property, you will increase the the chances of selling, in terms of time and price competitiveness.
You are looking for a particular real estate property abroad, in the place of your dreams, or solely for the purpose of a return? Our portfolio of available properties as well as our network will give you, a significant help to find what expects your heart.

You need any information or contact ? Please contact us by phone at +41 44 770 30 31, by email or by filling out our contact form. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Dynamism, performance, motivation, professionalism, quality, discretion and passion are the base of our philosophy. But first of all, the quality deserved by your properties.
Conscious of the asset and the traditions, our experienced collaborators work daily to find responsible solutions in a durable spirit. Listening to the market, proactive, reactive, innovative, visionaries, with a sense of respect, ethics as well as consistency in quality offer a higher value for your goods in the lemanic area.
When the time comes to sell, we will be able to find the quintessence of a property to value it at its optimal price. When the time comes to buy, our team of professionals will advise you on the right price as well as the future potential for both well-being and financially.